The way of happiness


Yesterday night I felt alone myself. I decided to write to my mum:”thanks for all you do for me.
Without you I would not have ever done.”. She answer me shortly after:”A mum is always nearly her sons, sometimes mistaken, sometimes do the right thing. This your difficult made us rediscover our relationship which is also made of silence full of complicity and words. You reburn to life and me too, warmed by the rays of this warm sun. Sleep happy, my love,in this battle you won (that you’re strongest than how you think). Kiss by your lovely mum.”
This world lost me without words. I opened my book with tears in my eyes, and I read the daily phrase :hailing it’s a thing on which you have to work every single day,a homework where there are not holidays.
“Which the way of happiness? I want to find and follow its.” I thought. “Life is amazing and we must be happy…Remember your mother words, remember your book’s phrase. Happiness is a choice, and we should choose it.”

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